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Fig. 1

From: A novel miR-375-HOXB3-CDCA3/DNMT3B regulatory circuitry contributes to leukemogenesis in acute myeloid leukemia

Fig. 1

Decreased expression of miR-375 in AML patients predicts poor clinical outcome. a MiR-375 expressions were detected by qRT-PCR in several leukemic cell lines including NB4, HL-60, Kasumi-1, HEL, THP1, U937, and K562, 102 primary blasts from AML patients, and 20 normal controls (CD34+ cells, NC) by qRT-PCR. The lowest expression of miR-375 in one AML blast was set to 1.0 and then all other specimens were normalized by this lowest specimen. Housekeeping gene U6 is used as a reference. b MiR-375 expressions were detected in primary AML blasts according to FAB subtype (M1–M5). (c and d) The median expression of miR-375 was used as the cutoff. Kaplan-Meier overall survival curve (c) and disease-free survival curve (d) were indicated according to miR-375 expression level

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