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Table 3 Validation of Hypo1 by employing decoy set method

From: Exploration for novel inhibitors showing back-to-front approach against VEGFR-2 kinase domain (4AG8) employing molecular docking mechanism and molecular dynamics simulations

S. noParametersValues
1Total number of molecules in database (D)710
2Total number of actives in database (A)15
3Total number of hit molecules from the database (Ht)17
4Total number of active molecules in hit list (Ha)14
5% Yield of active [(Ha/Ht)82
6% Ratio of actives [(Ha/A) X 100]93
7Enrichment Factor (EF)44.17
8False negatives (A-Ha)1
9False Positives (Ht–Ha)3
10Goodness of fit score (GH)0.79
  1. *GH score between 0.6–0.8 is regarded as a good score