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Fig. 4

From: Nc886 is epigenetically repressed in prostate cancer and acts as a tumor suppressor through the inhibition of cell growth

Fig. 4

In vivo effect of nc886 overexpression in tumor phenotype. a Tumor xenograft assay in NUDE BALB-C mice of DU145 cell lines overexpressing nc886 and control hairpin RNA. Tumor growth curves of 6 mice expressed as the average tumor volume (cm3). b Macroscopic images of selected tumors grown in NUDE BALB-C mice inoculated in with DU145 cell lines overexpressing nc886 and corresponding control cell line. The average mass(g) (c), average number of mitosis (d) and average percentage of tumor necrosis (e) of the 6 tumors assayed at the end time of the assay are shown. * P value < 0.05; ** P-value < 0.001; two-tailed t-test

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