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Table 1 High Levels of Tumour-infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in Pre-NAC(a) ALN(b) Metastatic Tumours: Association with a PCR Following NAC

From: Tumour-draining axillary lymph nodes in patients with large and locally advanced breast cancers undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC): the crucial contribution of immune cells (effector, regulatory) and cytokines (Th1, Th2) to immune-mediated tumour cell death induced by NAC

  Groups Pre-NAC
Low Infiltration (n) High Infiltration (n) Pearson Chi-Square Value (PCR Versus Non PCR) P Value
TILs (n = 20) Pathological Complete Response (PCR, n = 9) 4 5 5.089 0.024c
Non Pathological Complete Response (Non PCR, n = 11) 10 1
  1. (a)NAC: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy; (b) ALN; Axillary lymph nodes; c Statistically significant