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Fig. 3

From: Intra-arterial ethanol embolization augments response to TACE for treatment of HCC with portal venous tumor thrombus

Fig. 3

Intraarterial ethanol embolization with TACE in a 64-year-old male with HCC and PVTT (Vp3). (A1, A2) CT scan in the portal venous phase highlighting PVTT in the right portal vein (arrow) is shown; (A3) PVTT-feeding artery identified on CT. (B1) PVTT-feeding artery identified on DSA by superselective catheterization of the feeding artery using a microcatheter; (B2, B3) enhanced C-arm CT was performed to further confirm the PVTT-feeding artery; (C1-C3) axial CT showing lipiodol-ethanol mixture deposition within PVTT. (D1-D3) Follow-up images showing stable lipiodol-ethanol mixture deposition within PVTT at 3, 6, and 12 months after the operation

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