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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate Cox regression analyses predicting significant risk factors for cancer-specific mortality in invasive UC patients treated with CDDP-based chemotherapy against recurrence and/or metastasis

From: Variant isoforms of CD44 involves acquisition of chemoresistance to cisplatin and has potential as a novel indicator for identifying a cisplatin-resistant population in urothelial cancer

Characteristic Univariate Multivariate
P value HR (95%CI) P value
Age (< 68 years vs. ≥ 68 years) 0.499   
Gender (Male vs. Female) 0.593   
Location (Upper tract vs. Bladder) 0.614   
Grade (G1/2 vs. G3) 0.025   0.090
Pathological T stage (pT2 vs. pT3/4) 0.246   
Lymphovascular invasion (Negative vs. Positive) 0.286   
Lymph node status (pNx or pN0 vs. pN1, 2) 0.661   
CD44v9 (Negative vs. Positive) 0.008 5.16 (1.24–21.52) 0.024