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Table 4 Evaluation of lecture contents (N = 39)

From: A train the trainer program for healthcare professionals tasked with providing psychosocial support to breast cancer survivors

Lecture contents Score
 Breast cancer survivorship in Korea 3.40
 Introduction to the BRAVO Navigator Training Program 4.41
Problems with transition
 Management of physical symptoms 4.87
 Management of psychological symptoms 3.69
Comprehensive survivorship care
 Care after treatment 4.38
 Health management during survivorship 3.93
 Understanding alternative and complementary therapies 3.82
 Management of menopause symptoms 4.28
 Distress management 4.17
 Sexuality 4.26
 Fertility and pregnancy 4.44
 Communication with family 3.89
 Support for vulnerable social groups 3.44
 Living in a community 4.25
 Principles and techniques of counseling 3.49
 Practice for counseling cases 3.00
Average 3.98