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Fig. 3

From: Assessment of piRNA biogenesis and function in testicular germ cell tumors and their precursor germ cell neoplasia in situ

Fig. 3

Knockdown of PL2L60A in TERA1 cell line leads to transcriptional upregulation of transposable elements. a, Transcription level of PL2L60A gene and the following retrotransposons: full-length L1HS/L1PA2/L1PA3s, all Alu elements, AluYa5 subfamily. b, Fraction of TE-deriving small RNAs for full-length L1HS/L1PA2/L1PA3s, all Alu elements, AluYa5 subfamily. c, Chromatin modifications (H3K4me3 and H3K9me3) around all Alu elements, AluYa5 subfamily, and 5’UTR promoter of full-length L1HS/L1PA2/L1PA3. d, DNA methylation level around 5’UTR promoter of full-length L1HS/L1PA2/L1PA3 TEs. The graphs show mean and standard deviation across three biological replicates. P-value for two-tailed Mann-Whitney test is presented (n.s. – non-significant). scRNA – control scrambled RNA, siRNA – anti-PL2L60A siRNA

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