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Fig. 1

From: Docosahexaenoic acid reduces sterol regulatory element binding protein-1 and fatty acid synthase expression and inhibits cell proliferation by inhibiting pAkt signaling in a human breast cancer MCF-7 cell line

Fig. 1

Effect of OA, AA, or DHA on p-SREBP-1, m-SREBP-1, and FASN expression in MCF-7 cells. Cells were pretreated with BSA or 60 μM BSA-bound OA, AA, or DHA for 48 h in DMEM containing 5% CD-FBS, then the same medium alone or 10 nM E2 was added and the cells incubated for 24 h, when Western blot analysis was performed to measure levels of p-SREBP-1, m-SREBP-1, and FASN (a). GAPDH was used as the loading control for p-SREBP-1 (b), m-SREBP-1 (c), and FASN (d). The levels are expressed as a fold value compared to the BSA-treated control with no E2 stimulation. *or # indicates a significant difference compared to cells treated with BSA without E2 or with E2 stimulation, respectively, by one-way ANOVA followed by the t-test. The data are presented as the mean ± S.E.M for 4 independent experiments

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