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Table 1 Sources of gene expression and protein abundance data

From: Expitope 2.0: a tool to assess immunotherapeutic antigens for their potential cross-reactivity against naturally expressed proteins in human tissues

Data source ID Name Number of tissues Type References
PaxDB Pax4 PaxDB v4.0 22 Protein abundance [24]
Expression Atlas E-Prot-3 Human Protein Atlas 44 Protein abundance [25, 26]
Expression Atlas E-Prot-1 Human Proteome Map 23 Protein abundance [25, 27]
Expression Atlas E-Mtab-513 Illumina Body Map 16 Gene expression [10, 25]
Expression Atlas E-Mtab-5214 GTEx 53 Gene expression [25, 28]
Wang et al. 2008 Wang Wang 2008 7 Gene expression [9]
Expression Atlas E-Mtab-3358 FANTOM5 RIKEN 56 Gene expression [25, 29]