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Fig. 5

From: Decreased expression of the β2 integrin on tumor cells is associated with a reduction in liver metastasis of colorectal cancer in mice

Fig. 5

Decreased β2 expression on C26 cells modulates their proliferative activity. a Cell viability was assessed by the Presto Blue assay after 48 h of cell culture. b Cell cycle analyses were carried out by measuring the DNA content by flow cytometry of tumor cells stained with PI. c The number of divisions undetaken by tumor cells was quantified by CFSE assay. Control cells (C26) or β2-C26) were fixed immediately after CFSE- labeling to show fluorescence emitted by non-divided cells (T0), that is, at time 0 before cells were allowed to divide. The remaining tumor cells were further incubated for 48 h under normal culture conditions. Cells that underwent one cell division are gated in T1 and further constitutive numbers reflect the number of cell divisions (T2-T3). Cells included in each gate are represented by red peaks. Fluorescence data are mean values ± SD from three different experiments. Changes were considered statistically significant at * p < 0,05

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