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Table 3 Perception of a new genetic test to predict breast cancer risk and guide screening strategies and representative participant quotes

From: A qualitative study on Singaporean women’s views towards breast cancer screening and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) gene testing to guide personalised screening strategies

Quote number Theme Sub-theme Quote
1 Women who were willing to give SNPs gene testing a try Empowerment of knowledge “Breast cancer is a common type of cancer in women, so it would be good to find out where you stand in terms of risk.”
2 “For people like me who tend to delay my appointments, this is good. If I know I am high risk, I may go more regularly.”
3 “You can decide what to do after knowing your risk profile. Gives me information and advice and I can make my decision thereafter.”
4 Practical considerations “I think this saves time and money. If you have low risk, there is no point in screening so often.”
5 Women who needed more information before they can decide Cost “I need to know the cost. If it is free or cheap, I don’t mind. If it is costly, then I will not bother.”
6 Reliability “How reliable is the test? I need to know that first.”
7 “Is the test based on European cohort? I need to know whether it is applicable to our Asian setting.”
8 Women who were unwilling to give SNPs gene testing a try Competing priorities “To me, it’s 50–50 because I want to focus on solving existing medical problems first before I tackle another health issue.”
9 Lack of belief “I will just go for mammogram because you will still need to do it regardless of the results of this test.”
10 Lack of understanding of the test “I find it very cumbersome to go through so many questions on your lifestyle and family history. Seems complicated.”