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Table 3 Significant genetic associations with cardiometabolic candidate genes

From: Genomic determinants of long-term cardiometabolic complications in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivors

Common Variants
  Gene SNP ID MAF p-value FDR Model
Dyslipidemia EIF4B rs146008363 0.05 0.00018 0.180 DOM
OGFOD3 rs62079523 0.33 0.00032 0.180 DOM
Extreme phenotype BAD rs2286615 0.10 0.00034 0.200 DOM
FCRL3 rs2282284 0.03 0.00042 0.200 DOM
Common/Rare variants
  Gene Rare (n) Common (n) p-value FDR
Extreme phenotype BAD 3 1 5.79x10-5 0.087
FCRL3 2 1 3.86x10-5 0.087
EIF4B 1 1 0.00010 0.100
  1. MAF Minor allele frequency, DOM Dominant effect, Rare (n) Number of rare variants analyzed in the gene, Common (n) Number of common variants analyzed in the gene, Extreme phenotype Three and more cardiometabolic risk factor