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Table 6 Positional metric analysis; there were no statistically significant differences (Friedman Test) between the 5 metrics comparing PTV structures between 3D PET-CT to 4D CT, 4D PET-CT to 4D CT and 3D PET-CT to 4D PET-CT

From: Respiratory-gated (4D) contrast-enhanced FDG PET-CT for radiotherapy planning of lower oesophageal carcinoma: feasibility and impact on planning target volume

Positional Metric p-value
DICE 0.62
Se.Idx 0.87
Inc.Idx 0.90
CGD 0.37
MDC 0.37
  1. DICE Dice index, Se.Idx sensitivity index, Inc.Idx inclusiveness index, CGD centre of gravity distance, MDC mean distance to conformity, PTV planning target volume