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Table 2 Study measures and data collection timeline

From: TrueNTH sexual recovery study protocol: a multi-institutional collaborative approach to developing and testing a web-based intervention for couples coping with the side-effects of prostate cancer treatment in a randomized controlled trial

Variable Measure Assessment
Baseline 3 Months 6 Months
Patient Partner Patient Partner Patient Partner
 Demographics Demographic survey X X    X X
 Comorbidities Katz Comorbidity Questionnaire
Charlson Comorbidities Index
X X    X X
 Clinical data Medical Chart Review X   X   X  
 Patient prostate cancer related symptoms Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite (EPIC) X   X   X  
 Patient expectation of sexual function Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite-Exp (EPIC-Exp) X      
Partner sexual function
  Female Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI)   X   X   X
  Male The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)   X   X   X
 Expectations Expectation of Success of Treatment X X     
 Global Satisfaction with Sex Life Patient Reported Outcome Measure Information System (PROMIS) Global Sexual Satisfaction X X    X X
 Interest in sex PROMIS Interest in Sex Life X X X X X X
 Sexual activity PROMIS Sexual Activity X X X X X X
 Use of Aids PROMIS Use of Aids X X X X X X
 Knowledge Knowledge Building Assessment X X X X   
 Dyadic Coping Dyadic Coping Inventory (DCI) X X    X X
Grief Prolonged Grief about the Loss of Sexual Function    X X X X
Quality of Life Quality of Life EQ-5D X X X X X X
Satisfaction with Intervention Satisfaction with Intervention      X X