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Fig. 7

From: Circadian disruption promotes tumor growth by anabolic host metabolism; experimental evidence in a rat model

Fig. 7

In tumors from rats exposed to LL the expression of genes involved in lipogenesis, glucose uptake, angiogenesis and cell proliferation was increased. (a) Relative expression of genes (Acaca, Fasn, Srebp-1 and Pparγ) involved in lipogenesis; (b) Relative expression of genes involved in lipid oxidation (Cpt1, Acads, Hadha and Pparα); (c) glycolysis (Glut-1, HkII, Pkm2, Ldh); (d) Tumor growth (Myc, P53, Ir); (e) angiogenesis (Vegfα, Hif1-α) and (F) cytokines (Tfgα, Il10, IL6, Il1α and Tnfα). All genes were measured using qRT-PCR analysis. Gene expression in tumors was normalized to the expression of Hprt and Tbp as endogenous controls. Data are plotted as the mean ± SEM. (n = 710/group). *p < 0.05, *p < 0.01 indicates statistical difference from LD; unpaired t test

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