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Fig. 1

From: XIAP over-expression is an independent poor prognostic marker in Middle Eastern breast cancer and can be targeted to induce efficient apoptosis

Fig. 1

(A) Tissue microarray based Immunohistochemical analysis in breast cancer patients. (a) Breast cancer TMA spot showing XIAP overexpression as compared to another breast cancer spot showing low XIAP expression (b). (c) Breast cancer tissue array spots showing high proliferative index of Ki-67 as compared to another breast cancer spot showing negligible expression of Ki67 (d). (e) Breast cancer TMA spot showing high activation of AKT as compared to another spot showing low activation level of AKT (f). 20 X/0.70 objective on an Olympus BX 51 microscope. (Olympus America Inc. Center Valley, PA, USA) with the inset showing a 40X 0.85 aperture magnified view of the same TMA spot. (B) Kaplan-Meier survival analysis for the prognostic significance of XIAP expression in breast cancer. Breast cancer patients with overexpression of XIAP had poor overall survival of 71.2 months as compared 82.8 months for patients having low expression of XIAP (p = 0.0005)

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