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Fig. 4

From: Involvement of DPP9 in gene fusions in serous ovarian carcinoma

Fig. 4

Exon-level gene expression profiles with RNA-seq fusion breakpoints. The Y-axes show the median-centered gene expression values which are in log2, X-axes show the probe sets sorted according to their genome positions. a For LHX2, sample 18 (red) has clearly deviating expression from the rest of the samples in the 3′ end. b Expression of LYNX1. For sample 17, RNA-seq analyses nominated both the fusion FCF1-LYNX1 and LYNX1-FCF1. Thus, two RNA-seq fusion breakpoints are indicated. c Expression of MMP27. d Expression of WFDC13. e Expression of PRKAR2A. (F) Expression of FAM129C

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