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Table 6 Schedule of Measures completed by physicians, Coders, & Standardized Patients

From: The social and behavioral influences (SBI) study: study design and rationale for studying the effects of race and activation on cancer pain management

Domain Measure Study entry Post Visit 1 Post Visit 2 2–4 month Follow up
Physician Questionnaires / Measures
 Demographics Age, gender, race, specialty, practice information, etc. x    
 Physician Burnout Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) x    
 Physician Empathy Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (JSPE)- Perspective Taking Subscale x    
 Psychosocial Aspects of Physician Care Physician Belief Scale (PBS)– Burden Subscale x    
 Mindfulness Observing and non-reactivity subscales x    
 Attachment RQ Attachment Scale x    
 Need for Closure Need for Closure Scale (NFC) x    
 Comfort Prescribing Pain Medication PAROPM (developed for this study) x    
After Visit Physician Measures
 Prescriptions Extracted from prescriptions given to SPs   x x  
 Detection Fax Sent to physician 3 weeks after last SP visit     X
 IAT Pain Implicit Associations Test     x
SP Questionnaires
 Measures SP perception of patient empathy, satisfaction with overall care, quality of pain discussion, quality of prognosis discussion, physician nonverbal, Rochester Physician Communication Scale   x x  
Coding of Transcripts from Audio Recordings
 Pain Coding Measure of Physician Pain Assessment   X x x
 Prognosis Coding Prognostic and Treatment Choices (PTCC)   x x x
 Shared Decision Making SDM Coding Scale [44]   x x x
 Eliciting and Validating Patient Concerns Exploring and Validating Patient Concerns   x x x