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Table 4 Standard hospital based paramedical care

From: A parallel-group randomized clinical trial of individually tailored, multidisciplinary, palliative rehabilitation for patients with newly diagnosed advanced cancer: the Pal-Rehab study protocol

Nutritional support • All cancer patients are screened for weight loss at the beginning of each treatment. In case of significant weight loss the patient is referred to a dietician
Physical support • The patient can be referred to the hospital physiotherapist. The main reason is significant lymphedema
• In cooperation between clinical oncology nurses and hospital physiotherapists patients having a high performance level are offered an extensive group based training program 4 times a week for 6 weeks
Phsycosocial support • The outpatient clinic employs psychologists and social workers, and the hospital has a priest. The mean waiting time for a patient referred to a psychologist is currently 3 weeks