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Table 1 Selection criteria

From: A parallel-group randomized clinical trial of individually tailored, multidisciplinary, palliative rehabilitation for patients with newly diagnosed advanced cancer: the Pal-Rehab study protocol

Inclusion criteria
 1. First-time non-resectable cancer diagnosed less than 8 weeks before enrollment. Patients with prostatic cancer are eligible, if referred to systemic oncologic treatment for the first time less than 8 weeks before enrollment (e.g. due to failure of anti-hormone treatment).
 2. Eligible for systemic oncologic treatment at Vejle Hospital and accepts treatment.
 3. ≥ 18 years of age.
 4. Reads and understands Danish
 5. Written and orally informed consent.
Exclusion criteria
 1. Other contact with a specialized palliative care unit within 1 year of enrollment.
 2. Inability to comply with the protocol due to cognitive or other impairment.