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Fig. 1

From: The effect of Nullomer-derived peptides 9R, 9S1R and 124R on the NCI-60 panel and normal cell lines

Fig. 1

ATP depletion of cancer and normal cell lines by Peptides 9R, 9S1R, 124R and sodium azide. 50 μM of peptides 9R, 9S1R and 124R (3 h incubation) effects on cellular ATP content of cancer and normal cell lines. a: MALME3M, COLO205, IGR-OV1, SN12C and DU-145; b: U251, EKVX, HS-578 T and K-562; c: HUVEC, BJ, RWPE-1 and FHC; d: Supernatant ATP content of cancer cells COLO205, K-562 and DU-145. Controls: untreated cells, 100 mM Sodium Azide, EW (empty wells). All wells in triplicates. Each panel is a representative of three experiments

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