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Table 3 Sensitivity of criteria for testing to identify BRCA1/2 carriers

From: Current guidelines for BRCA testing of breast cancer patients are insufficient to detect all mutation carriers

Test criteria BRCA1/2 mutation carriers
(n = 38a)
BC <40 years 12 (31.6%)
BC <50 years 28 (73.7%)
BC <60 years 34 (89.5%)
TNBC 13 (34.2%)
Fulfilling stringent NBCG criteria for testing 32 (84.2%)
Fulfilling ASCO guidelines for testing 34 (89.5%)
Fulfilling NICE guidelines for testing 17 (44.7%)
Fulfilling NCCN criteria for testing 32 (88.9%)
Family history fulfilling NBCG criteria for predictive testing before index person contracted BC 14 (36.8%)
  1. aThe four women belonging to families where a mutation had already been identified were excluded from this analysis
  2. BC Breast cancer
  3. TNBC Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  4. NBCG Norwegian Breast Cancer Group
  5. ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology
  6. NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  7. NCCN The National Comprehensive Cancer Network