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Table 2 Association of C1orf116 expression in lung and prostate cancer patients

From: Identifying global expression patterns and key regulators in epithelial to mesenchymal transition through multi-study integration

Test group Wilcoxon rank sum p-value Bonferroni adjusted p-value
Lung cancer (Director’s Lung Challenge): grade [44]
Grade1 vs Grade 2 1.4191e-06 3.27E-05
Grade 2 vs Grade 3 1.1481e-10 2.65E-09
Grade 1 vs Grade 3 2.6121e-17 6.00E-16
Lung cancer (Director’s Lung Challenge): Smoking Status [44]
Never vs Past 0.006 1.38E-01
Past vs Current 0.006 1.38E-01
Never vs Current 0.0002 4.60E-03
Lung cancer (Okayama): Smoking status [45]
Never smoker vs ever smoker 0.0586 1E + 00
Prostate cancer (Taylor): Tumor type [46]
Primary vs Metastatic 0.0340 7.82E-01