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Fig. 5.

From: Potential mechanisms of resistance to venetoclax and strategies to circumvent it

Fig. 5.

Combination of MCL-1- or BCL-XL-selective inhibitors resensitizes venetoclax-resistant cells to venetoclax. Venetoclax-resistant (199R) cells were incubated in varying concentrations of venetoclax with or without increasing concentrations of the MCL-1-selective inhibitor A-1208746 (a-c) or the BCL-XL-selective inhibitor A-1155463 (d) for 24 hours before assessing cell viability. Data are presented as the percent viability compared to untreated cells. Bliss scores were calculated as described in Materials and Methods. Data are representative of three separate experiments. Asterisk designates significant difference (p<0.05) as compared to venetoclax-treatment alone.

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