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Table 2 Variation in breakpoints of homozygous deletion in region of Cdkn2a

From: Whole exome sequencing of an asbestos-induced wild-type murine model of malignant mesothelioma

Sample Range (start-end) a Length (kbp) Co-loss of Mtap Co-loss of Mir31
AB1 chr4:88,880,322–89,691,452 811.1 Y N
AB12 chr4:88,603,449–91,805,387 3201.9 Y Y
AB13 chr4:89,217,653–89,443,728 226.1 N N
AB22 chr4:88,435,182–90,223,528 1788.3 Y Y
AC16 chr4:89,217,686–89,307,039 89.3 N N
AC24 chr4:88,880,305–89,688,653 808.3 Y N
AC28 chr4:89,217,686–89,688,653 470.9 N N
AC29 chr4:87,227,653–91,253,295 4025.6 Y Y
AC31 chr4:89,217,686–90,223,513 1005.8 N N
AE3 chr4:86,917,707–90,223,511 3305.8 Y Y
AE16 chr4:89,156,673–90,223,511 1066.8 Y N
AE17 chr4:89,217,685–89,281,894 64.2 N N
AE19 chr4:87,784,120–90,223,511 2439.4 Y Y
BM109 chr4:89,217,685–89,688,699 471.0 N N
BM163 chr4:87,880,239–90,856,876 2976.6 Y Y
  1. aLoci reported as per mm10 coordinates