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Fig. 4

From: MDA-MET-conditioned-medium augments the chemoattractant-dependent migration of MDA-MET cells towards hFOB-conditioned medium and increases collagenase activity

Fig. 4

Effect of added bacterial collagenase and endogenous collagenase. Left Lane) Bacterial collagenase decreased the ability of hFOBCM[hFOBCM] and hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] to attract MDA-MET cells. 1 mg of bacterial (clostridium histolyticum) collagenase enzyme extract in lyophilized powder was added at a ratio of 1 mg/3 mls. Conditioned medium with (gray bars) or without (black bars) collagenase was used in migration assays by placing it in the bottom well of the migration chamber. n = 12, *p < 0.05 vs no collagenase in same group. # p < 0.05 vs no collagenase hFOBCM [METCM]. Right Lane) Collagenase activity is greater in hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] than in hFOBCM[hFOBCM]. FITC-labeled collagen was incubated with either hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] or hFOBCM[hFOBCM]. The extent of the breakdown of collagen carried out by conditioned medium samples was measured by the presence of fluorescent breakdown products in the supernatant after a centrifugation step. Intact, un-degraded collagen formed the pellet. n = 8, *p < 0.01

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