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Table 1 Patients who were enrolled in the present study

From: Observation of Zn-photoprotoporphyrin red Autofluorescence in human bronchial cancer using color-fluorescence endoscopy

Case Gender Age Smoking history/Pack-Year Diagnosis Preceding therapy
1 Male 50–59 Current smoker/45 SqCC Chemo/Ra
2 Male 80–89 Ex-smoker/14 SqCC PDT
3 Male 70–79 Ex-smoker/36 SqCC PDT
4 Male 60–69 Current smoker/26 Bloody Sputum none
5 Male 70–79 Ex-smoker /180 SqCC PDT
6 Male 70–79 Ex-smoker /105 SqCC PDT
7 Male 70–79 Current smoker/83 SqCC recurrence Chemo/Ra, PDT
8 Male 70–79 Current smoker/50 SCLC/SqCC Chemo/Ra
  1. SqCC squamous cell carcinoma, SCLC small cell carcinoma, Chemo chemotherapy, Ra radiation, PDT photodynamic therapy