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Table 1 Overview inclusion and exclusion criteria ABLATIVE study

From: Redefining radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer with single dose ablative treatment: a study protocol

Inclusion Exclusion
World Health Organization performance status 0–2 Legal incapacity
Females ≥ 50 yearsb with cT1N0 tumor Known BRCA gene mutation
Females ≥ 70 years with cT1-2b (maximum 3 cm) N0 tumor MRI contra-indication
Tumor histology as assessed on biopsy: Previous history of ipsilateral breast surgery and impaired cosmetic outcome, as assessed by the treating surgeon or radiation-oncologist.
- Ductal or ductolobular invasive carcinoma
- Estrogen receptor positivity
- HER2 receptor negative
Signs of extensive ductal carcinoma in situ on mammogram or histological biopsy.
Unifocal tumor History of breast cancer
Tumor negative sentinel node procedure Other type of malignancy within 5 years before breast cancer diagnosisa, b
Adequate understanding of the Dutch language Collagen synthesis disease
  1. aFor adequately treated carcinoma in situ of the cervix or basal cell carcinoma of the skin no specific time span is required. b Criterion adjusted following the amendment