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Fig. 3

From: Testis specific Y-like 5: gene expression, methylation and implications for drug sensitivity in prostate carcinoma

Fig. 3

MSP analysis in PC cells. a CpG plot of the 5′-regulatory regions of TSPYL5 gene (small arrows denote CpGs) and large arrow denotes transcription start site. The box represents the location of chromosomal 8 region analyzed by MSP or PSQ. b MSP reactions with methylated DNA-specific primers (M), and unmethylated DNA-specific primers (U). c Methylation was significantly higher in DU145 (P =0.001*) and LNCaP (P = 0.012**) cells compared to RWPE-1. Unmethylated bands was present in both RWPE-1 and LNCaP cells but absent in DU145 cells. The PCR reactions was performed in three repeat individual experiments

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