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Table 5 Confirmatory testing using routine reference approaches

From: Clinical performance evaluation of a sensitive, rapid low-throughput test for KRAS mutation analysis using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples

Sample ID Idylla™ Therascreen Confirmatory result Reference approach VAF (%)
S8470 A146P/T/V N/A A146T MPS 31
S8476 A146P/T/V N/A A146T MPS 20
S8342 A146P/T/V N/A A146V MPS 2
S9195 A146P/T/V N/A A146T MPS 30
S8426 A146P/T/V 12VAL A146V Sanger N/A
S8383 A146P/T/V N/A A146T Sanger N/A
S8397 K117N 12CYS K117N Sanger N/A
S8250 K117N N/A Q61K MPS 23
S8475 K117N N/A K117N MPS 70
S8431 A59T/E/G N/A No mutation detected MPS N/A
S8233 Q61H N/A Q61H Sanger N/A
S8377 Q61H N/A Q61H Sanger N/A
S8956 Q61H N/A Q61H MPS 42
S8494 G12V 12SER G12V MPS 37
S8546 G13D 12SER G12C MPS 33
  1. Confirmatory testing of Idylla results using massive parallel sequencing (MPS) or Sanger Sequencing. Samples 1–13 were discordant-by-design mutations and Samples 14–15 were mutant-mutant discordants. Samples 1–13 were not taken into account for agreement calculations