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Fig. 5

From: MALAT1 promoted invasiveness of gastric adenocarcinoma

Fig. 5

MALAT1 is involved in tumor invasion and regulates b-catenin related genes. In paired gastric cancer tissues form the 5 patients (patient #1 ~ #5), expression of MALAT1 and its target genes including N-cadherin, b-catenin, RASSF6 and Snail (a). AGS and MKN74 cells were transfected with siMALAT1s or siCT, and the expression of b-catenin signaling on western blot (b). Levels of the transcription factors, b-catenin, MMP9 and Axin were measured in AGS and MKN74 cells (c). Morphological change of b-catenin was determined by immunofluorescence after silencing of MALAT1 in AGS cells (d)

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