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Fig. 5

From: Upregulation of Mrps18a in breast cancer identified by selecting phage antibody libraries on breast tissue sections

Fig. 5

BC5 has affinity towards Mrps18a. A Indirect ELISA with 0–1500 ng/well coated Mrps18a. a Triplicates of BC5 dAb,10 μg/well. b Triplicates of BC5 dAb, 20 μg/well. c Triplicates of BC6 dAb, 10 μg/well. d control of unspecific background from HRP conjugated anti-c-Myc alone against coated Mrps18a. B Far western blot analysis of Mrps18a performed with (+) or without (−) BC5 dAb as primary antibody. Bars represent the mean ± SD. When comparing BC5 dAb, 10 μg/well with BC6 dAb, 10 μg/well the p-value for the signal at a Mrps18a coating concentration of 1000 ng/well is P < 0.01

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