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Table 5 Analysis of factors predicting local tumor control failure (Cox proportional hazards model)

From: Is upfront stereotactic radiosurgery a rational treatment option for very elderly patients with brain metastases? A retrospective analysis of 106 consecutive patients age 80 years and older

Covariate P value Hazard ratio (95% CI)
Large TV (>2 mL) 0.003 12.8 (2.36–69.3)
Tumor causing focal deficit 0.379 1.69 (0.526–5.41)
High marginal dose (≥20Gy) 0.949 1.04 (0.317–3.41)
Two-session SRS 0.946 1.05 (0.284–3.86)
  1. CI confidence interval, TV tumor volume, SRS stereotactic radiosurgery