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Table 2 Summary of clinical data from 106 consecutive patients

From: Is upfront stereotactic radiosurgery a rational treatment option for very elderly patients with brain metastases? A retrospective analysis of 106 consecutive patients age 80 years and older

Characteristics Overall (n = 106)
Sex (male/female) 69/37
Age (years), median (range) 84 (80–93)
KPS, median (range) 70 (30–100)
Controlled primary disease and no extracranial metastases 25 (24%)
RTOG-RPA class II/class III 56/50
Ongoing systemic chemotherapy 31 (29%)
Time from primary diagnosis to initial SRS (months), median (range) 11.3 (0–246)
Cumulative TV on initial SRS (mL), median (range) 3.9 (0.2–53.3)
No. of intracranial lesions at initial SRS, median (range) 2 (1–16)
No. of patients treated with 2-session SRS 15 (14%)
  1. KPS Karnofsky performance status, RTOG radiation treatment oncology group, RPA recursive partitioning analysis, SRS stereotactic radiosurgery, TV tumor volume