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Fig. 1

From: Is upfront stereotactic radiosurgery a rational treatment option for very elderly patients with brain metastases? A retrospective analysis of 106 consecutive patients age 80 years and older

Fig. 1

Survival results for very elderly (≥80 years of age) patients with BM treated with SRS. The solid line represents overall survival (OS) probability. The median survival time (MST) was 7.1 months (95% CI: 4.6–8.7). Six-month and 12-month OS rates after SRS were 54% and 31%, respectively. The dotted line represents the neurological death-free survival (NS) probability adjusted for competing events. Six-month and 12-month NS rates after SRS were 92% and 89%, respectively. Note that the distance between these two lines, NS and OS, represents the cumulative incidence of non-neurological death

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