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Fig. 1

From: Somatostatin signaling via SSTR1 contributes to the quiescence of colon cancer stem cells

Fig. 1

Differential expression pattern of ALDH and SSTR1 in colon cancer cell lines and patient tissue samples identifies unique populations of cells. a Percent positive ALDH and SSTR1 cells in various colon cancer cell lines. ALDH analysis was performed using ALDEFLUOR assay, and SSTR1 cell surface staining was determined against the appropriate IgM control. The proportions of ALDH/SSTR1 positive cells is shown in the table. Data represents mean ± S.E.M. (N = 3). b Representative dot plots of SSTR1 and ALDH expression analysis of SW480 cells and HT29 cells. c Representative dot plots of one matched patient colon normal and tumor tissue sample to show the expression analysis of ALDH and SSTR1 cells. Matched normal and tumor tissue samples were obtained and processed as described in the Materials and Methods section. All samples were run on the FACSAria II Flow Cytometer. Q = quadrant number, FITC channel detects ALDH positive cells using ALDEFLUOR assay, and APC channel detects SSTR1 positive The values in the table are averages ± SD; N = 4 matched patient samples

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