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Table 1 Genetic characteristics of the SNPs rs1800682, rs2290907and rs16970849

From: Genetic polymorphisms of FAS and EVER genes in a Greek population and their susceptibility to cervical cancer: a case control study

SNP Gene Chromosome Chromosome Positiona Distance from gene start Gene position Function MAFb
rs1800682 FAS 10 90749963 325c 5′ upstream regulatory C (0.403)
rs2290907 TNRC6Cd 17 76093677 93483e Intron 18–19 No-coding G (0.115)
rs16970849 TMC8 17 76133908 8403f Intron 11–12 No-coding A (0.049)
  1. aChromosome positions of each SNP based on dbSNP human build 138 and human genome build 37.5
  2. bMAF: minor allele frequency based on HapMap data in CEU population
  3. cDistance from FAS gene start (90750288)-forward strand
  4. dTNRC6C: trinucleotide repeat containing 6C gene (4 kb distance from TMC6)
  5. eDistance from TNRC6Cgene start (76000194)-forward strand (15.3 kb distant from TMC6 gene start)
  6. fDistance fromTMC8 gene start (76125505)-forward strand