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Table 1 Physicochemical property of L-BPA and [19F]-L-FBPA

From: Comparison of the pharmacokinetics between L-BPA and L-FBPA using the same administration dose and protocol: a validation study for the theranostic approach using [18F]-L-FBPA positron emission tomography in boron neutron capture therapy

  L-BPA [19F]-L-FBPA
Melting point 285–298 °C 266–269 °C
Solubility (water, 25 °C) 1.6 g/L 2.6 g/L
Acid dissociation constant pKa: 2.10 (−COOH) pKa: 2.11 (−COOH)
pKb1: 8.43 (−NH2) pKb1: 7.71 (−NH2)
pKb2: 9.79 (−B(OH)2) pKb2: 9.49 (−B(OH)2)