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Table 3 Correlations between atrophy rate and the change rates of parotid IVIM or DCE MR parameters

From: Early evaluation of irradiated parotid glands with intravoxel incoherent motion MR imaging: correlation with dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging

Atrophy rate r p value
 RADC −0.418 0.011a
 RD 0.066 0.702
 RD* 0.038 0.825
 Rf −0.449 0.006a
 RMRE −0.372 0.025a
 RTTP 0.208 0.223
 RWash in Rate −0.136 0.428
  1. IVIM Intravoxel incoherent motion, DCE Dynamic contrast-enhanced, r Pearson correlation coefficient, RIVIM-PARsand RDCE-PARs are the change rates of IVIM and DCE MR parameters from pre-RT to post-RT, respectively, R ADC , R D , RD*, R f , R MRE , R TTP and R Wash in Rate are the change rates of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), pure diffusion coefficient (D), pseudo-diffusion coefficient (D*), perfusion fraction (f), maximum relative enhancement (MRE), time to peak (TTP) and Wash in Rate from pre-RT (2 weeks before radiotherapy) to post-RT (4 weeks after RT), respectively
  2. adenotes a significant correlation between the parotid atrophy rate and the change rate of each IVIM or DCE MR parameter