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Table 4 Pairwise comparisons of operative parameters and morbidity

From: Comparison of different methods of splenic hilar lymph node dissection for advanced upper- and/or middle-third gastric cancer

In situ vs splenectomy In situ vs Ex situ Splenectomy vs Ex situ
No. of harvested SHLNs 0.154 0.015 0.755
Postoperative hospital stay 0.002 0.832 <0.001
Blood loss volume 0.058 0.388 0.007
Postoperative complication rate 0.047 0.239 0.005
  1. SHLNs splenic hilar lymph nodes, LNs lymph nodes
  2. *Bonferroni correction was carried out. P < 0.017 (two-sided) was considered significant