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Fig. 1

From: microRNA-mediated resistance to hypoglycemia in the HepG2 human hepatoma cell line

Fig. 1

Cultured HepG2 cells after incubation with various concentrations of glucose. Representative microphotographs of HepG2 cells cultured with 200 (a), 900 (b), and 1800 (c) mg/L of glucose for 1 week (original magnification × 20). The results of the MTS assay are shown in (d). HepG2 cells were cultured with three different glucose concentrations (200, 900, and 1800 mg/L) for 1 week and cell number was measured with the MTS assay. There were fewer HepG2 cells when cells were cultured in the hypoglycemic condition (200 mg/L) than in the normoglycemic condition (900 mg/L). ***p < 0.001

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