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Fig. 5

From: Expression of AE1/p16 promoted degradation of AE2 in gastric cancer cells

Fig. 5

Low levels of AE2 and high levels of AE1 and p16 correlated with poor survival of GC patients. a Abundant amounts of AE2 were detected in adjacent normal gastric tissues (upper panel) from GC patients, which contrasted with the lack of AE2 expression in cancer tissues (bottom panel). b Statistical analysis of AE2 expression in GC tissues and adjacent normal tissues with n representing the number of specimens. c Expression of AE1 and AE2 in serial GC tissue sections. d AE1 and p16 expression in serial GC tissue sections. e Kaplan-Meier survival curves of overall survival of GC in terms of AE2, AE1 and p16 protein levels

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