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Fig. 4

From: Expression of AE1/p16 promoted degradation of AE2 in gastric cancer cells

Fig. 4

AE1 and p16 expression affected AE2 function. a Knockdown of AE1 or p16 expression reduced the pHi of SGC7901 cells. b AE1 or p16 overexpression increased the pHi of MKN28 cells. c AE2 overexpression reduced the pHi of SGC7901 cells. The pHi was measured using BCECF-AM. d AE2 overexpression decreased GC cell proliferation. e AE2 overexpression in SGC7901 cells decreased the abundance of cyclin D1 (upper panel) in a quantitative manner (bottom panel). f Transwell assay (upper panel) and statistical analysis (bottom panel). Values are expressed as mean ± SD of three different experiments performed in triplicate. *p < 0.05, compared with empty vectors or siRNA-NC/pSIREN-NC

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