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Table 1 Common proteins between Hela and SiHa Gal-7+ cell networks

From: Systems-level effects of ectopic galectin-7 reconstitution in cervical cancer and its microenvironment

Name Process Model Reference
CRYAB Associated with poor prognosis and metastasis, negative regulator of TRAIL-mediated apoptosis, related to hypoxic survival and metastasis Several [101103]
TACSTD2 Correlated with malignant progression, apoptosis resistance and proliferation Cervical [104106]
BCL-3 Negative regulator of apoptosis Several [107, 108]
COX19 Biogenesis and regulation of mitochondrial respiratory homeostasis Several [109, 110]
OASL Displays antiviral activity, responsive to type I interferon signal Several [111, 112]
CDKN2A Overexpression is used as a biomarker for progressing lesions Cervical [113]
NIBAN/FAM129A Anti-apoptotic activity Several [114116]
FST Attenuates rRNA synthesis and trigger FST-mediated apoptosis Cervical, Breast [117, 118]
  1. Common regulated proteins in the HeLa and Siha Gal-7+ cell networks and their associated functions in different cancer models