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Fig. 3

From: Systems-level effects of ectopic galectin-7 reconstitution in cervical cancer and its microenvironment

Fig. 3

Methylation analysis and re-expression of Gal-7 in CaCx cell lines. a qPCR and Western blot of Gal-7 four days after 5′-Azacyditine (Aza) treatment. Actin was used as the loading and transfer control. b Above: schematic overview of the Gal-7 gene: the locations of CpG sites, the transcriptional start site (TSS) and the first exon are indicated. Below: percentage of methylation after bisulfite pyrosequencing analysis. c Western blot after reconstitution of Gal-7 in CaCx cells and mock infected control cells. Tubulin was used as the loading and transfer control. d Colony formation assay of Gal-7+ CaCx cells (Gal-7+, red) versus mock-infected cells (Gal-7-, black). e Induction of apoptosis due to loss of the mitochondrial transmembrane potential after incubating Gal-7+ and Gal-7- CaCx cells with increasing amounts of H14-1. (CKruskall-Wallis P < 0.0001, Dunn’s Multiple Comparison Test P < 0.05; E, F G T Test, P < 0.05, ** means moderated significant)

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