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Table 3 Changes in SPARC expression over time

From: SPARC expression in patients with high-risk localized soft tissue sarcoma treated on a randomized phase II trial of neo/adjuvant chemotherapy

Histology Primary site Primary SPARC score Treatment prior to primary score Local (L) or distant (D) recurrence Secondary SPARC score Treatment prior to secondary score
MPNST Extremity 0 AI D 0 AD
SS Extremity 0 GT, XRT D 0 None
MPNST Extremity 1 AI L 0 None
UPS Extremity 1 AI D 2 GT
LMS Trunk 1 AI, XRT D 0 GT
UPS Trunk 2 GT L 2 None
UPS Trunk 2 AI L 4 None
Fibrosarcoma Extremity 4 AI L 6 None
Dediff LPS Trunk 6 GT D 4 None
UPS Extremity 9 GT D 0 None
  1. A- doxorubicin, I- ifosfamide, G-gemcitabine, T- docetaxel, D- dacarbazine