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Fig. 9

From: Overexpression of KCNJ3 gene splice variants affects vital parameters of the malignant breast cancer cell line MCF-7 in an opposing manner

Fig. 9

GIRK1d overexpression reduces angiogenesis in the CAM assay. a Representative view of cellular onplants and vascularization. The silicone ring, used to initially stabilize the onplant is also visible. Scale bars correspond to 200 μm for all images. b Macroscopic vascularization scores (MVS) for the different experimental groups. WT: MCF-7WT; eYFP: MCF-7eYFP; hG1a: MCF-7GIRK1a; hG1c: MCF-7GIRK1c; hG1d: MCF-7GIRK1d. The median value is represented by the black line within the box, box margins represent 75 and 25 % percentiles, whiskers indicate 90 and 10 % percentiles, values outside the 10–90 % interval are plotted individually as crosses. The grey line represents the mean value. The statistically significant difference between MCF-7GIRK1d and MCF-7GIRK1a is indicated (p < 0.05). Kruskal-Wallis one way analysis on ranks was used for analysis of statistical significance

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