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Table 4 List of TaqMan gene expression assays and their corresponding proteins

From: Expression of circadian clock genes and proteins in urothelial cancer is related to cancer-associated genes

Gene assay Protein Gene assay Protein Gene assay Protein
Hs00978050_m1 H-RAS Hs01034249_m1 p53 Hs00242988_m1 PER 1
Hs00364284_m1 K-RAS Hs00923894_m1 p16 Hs00256143_m1 PER 2
Hs00180035_m1 N-RAS Hs02621230_m1 pTEN Hs00213466_m1 PER 3
Hs01076078_m1 EGFR Hs00559840_m1 Cytokeratin 7 Hs01565974_m1 CRY 1
Hs00182181_m1 uPAR Hs00196158_m1 Cytokeratin 1 Hs00323654_m1 CRY 2
Hs01126606_m1 PAI 1 Hs00361185_m1 Cytokeratin 5 Hs00154147_m1 BMAL 1
   Hs00166289_m1 Cytokeratin10 Hs00231857_m1 CLOCK
Hs99999905_m1 GAPDH Hs00265033_m1 Cytokeratin14 Hs01887794_m1 CK1A1L
     Hs00793391_m1 CK1A1
     Hs00266431_m1 CK1ε