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Fig. 3

From: Galectin-3 interacts with components of the nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex

Fig. 3

FISH analysis of Hela cells depleted of galectin-1 and/or galectin-3. a At first HeLa cells were transfected with siRNA to silence galectin-1, galectin-3 or both proteins. As a control for non-silencing siRNA, the cells were transfected with the firefly luciferase siRNA. Knockdown-efficiency of galectin-1 and/ or galectin-3 was assessed by immunoblot (b). The cells were fixed and the mRNA was stained with Biotin-oligo(dT)/ Streptavidin-Alexa Fluor 546. Nuclear staining (DAPI) is indicated in blue, scale bars: 10 μm. c Fluorescent mRNA-staining as depicted in (a) in the cytoplasm and the nucleus was quantified using the Leica LAS AF software package. Quotients of cytoplasmic divided by nuclear staining +/− SD are depicted. Statistical significant differences are indicated (n = 9, * P = 0.05 and ** P = 0.005)

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